Ultrasound Technician Schools in Texas (TX)

By Dianne J. Crouse | Updated On February 9, 2018.

Ultrasound technology has greatly improved the way doctors and physicians would work and attending one of the many accredited ultrasound technician schools in Texas is a preferred choice of many aspiring ultrasound technicians. Health care industry is booming as a large number of people are encountering health issues due to sedimentary lifestyles they have adopted.

With the increasing number of patients, hospitals and health care facilities now need more people to take care of affected individuals and provide them medication and do various tests to diagnose the disease. Now, the task is pretty much easy and with the help of a machine, it is now possible to scan the human body and find the cause of the health problem.

Ultrasound Technician Education

Ultrasound technicians are trained and educated on the use of these machines. They are responsible for collecting images of the inside of the body of a patient, which helps in diagnosing. Becoming an ultrasound technologist is not an easy thing as the individual has to acquire relevant knowledge and practical experience. It’s a job with great responsibilities and with great responsibilities, comes great rewards.

Finding the right employer depends on various factors, which should fall in line for an aspiring sonography technician. It is important to find the best ultrasound technician schools with CAAHEP accreditation to get your education, as employers tend to look at this factor before offering jobs. And fortunately in Texas, there are many such schools that you can attend to complete the sonography course and pursue a career as an ultrasound tech.


At the numerous available sonography schools in Texas, it’s possible to earn a certificate, an associate’s degree, or a bachelor’s degree. There are 20 accredited educational establishments at the time of writing that offer accredited sonography programs in TX: including Houston Community College System and Virginia College of Austin. Some training schools offer certificates, which take about 12 months whilst others offer degrees – taking anywhere between 2 and 4 years to complete. The most common degree earned is an associate’s degree.


The cost of an education for sonography is going to vary from institution to institution. So shop around if you don’t mind the travel. The higher amounts are generally reserved for degree programs at private universities, though some state colleges can cost that much as well when room and board are factored in. The other costs not calculated include books, lab fees, as well as uniforms when required for when it’s time to do hands on training at medical facilities in the area.

Graduation Rates

Graduation rates can be as high in Texas, though it will depend on the school. All schools will disclose the graduation rate and many in sonography are higher than other majors. Some of this has to do with the number of career opportunities available upon graduation and some has to do with the fact that it does not take a significant amount of time in school to get started within the career.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for anyone who wants to take the time to apply. The federal government offers grants, which can be accessed after the FAFSA is completed. The Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography offers scholarships, which are merit-based. Then there are countless other scholarships for single mothers, veterans, minorities and more.

Ultrasound technology is a vast field in itself. Depending on your area of interest and inclination towards a particular subject or field of work, you can choose to specialize. To get the admission into one such school, there are certain prerequisites.

Requirements for Sonography Technician

Before you get admission to any one of the many available ultrasound technician schools in Texas, it is important that you make sure the school is accredited by the accreditation council (CAAHEP). This is a must as no hospital or health care facility would employ any individual who has not obtained qualification recognized by the accreditation council.

There are also some online ultrasound technician schools where you may get enrolled. It is important that you do comprehensive research before joining any such school to find out their reputation and accreditation so that you do not land up somewhere you do not want to be.

While doing research to find the best sonography program for you, you need to check if the school is a preferred choice of employers. Students that complete the course from certain schools stand a better chance of being hired by employers.

Accredited Ultrasound Technician Schools In Texas

Alvin Community College
3110 Mustang Road
Alvin, TX - 77511
Website: www.alvincollege.edu
Angelina College
3500 South First Street
Lufkin, TX - 75902
Website: www.angelina.edu
Austin Community College
3401 Webberville Road
Austin, TX - 78702
Website: www.austincc.edu
Del Mar College
101 Baldwin Blvd
Corpus Christi, TX - 78404
Website: www.delmar.edu
El Centro College
Main and Lamar Street P-317
Dallas, TX - 75202
Website: www.elcentrocollege.edu
El Paso Community College
PO Box 20500
El Paso, TX - 79998
Website: www.epcc.edu
Harris County Hospital Dist.
9250 Kirby Suite 1800
Houston, TX - 77054
Website: www.hchdonline.com
Houston Community College
1900 Pressler Street
Houston , TX - 77030
Website www.hccs.edu
Lamar Inst of Technology
855 East Lavaca
Beaumont, TX - 77710
Website: www.lit.edu
Lone Star College
9191 Barker Cypress Road
Cypress, TX - 77433
Website: www.lonestar.edu
Midland College
3600 North Garfield
Midland, TX - 79705
Website: www.midland.edu
Sanford Brown College
10500 Forum Place Drive
Houston, TX - 77036
Website: www.sbhouston.com
Sanford Brown Institute
1250 West Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, TX - 75247
Website: www.sbdallas.com
Temple College
2600 S First Street
Temple, TX - 76504
Website: www.templejc.edu
Tyler Junior College
PO Box 9020
Tyler, TX - 75711
Website: www.tjc.edu
University of Texas
80 Fort Brown
Brownsville, TX - 78520
Website: www.utb.edu

Once you have completed an ultrasound technology course from a reputable and accredited school, you can opt for The American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) certification. With this certification, you will be valued more by the employer than your competition. In majority of health care facilities it is mandatory for candidates to pass this certification to gain employment.

Sonography Career Outlook in Texas

Those who wish to pursue a career in sonography need to understand the outlook. In Texas, there is a high employment level in Houston and Dallas, making it possible to find a variety of different career opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a projected increase in the number of sonography jobs by 45.4% between 2014-2024 within just Texas alone, showing that this industry is growing faster than many others around the country.


In terms of salary, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has calculated the median salary for an ultrasound technician in Texas to be $77,370, which is higher than the median salary is for the country. The salary that one earns is also going to depend on such factors as education, experience and the healthcare facility that one works in.

Career Outlook

With technology continuously improving, there are not many people retiring out of sonography. Additionally, there are many people who are getting continuing education credits to remain on the forefront of technology – and this can prove to be a great career move as well.

Many sonographers are found throughout Texas and as more doctors take advantage of sonographers and ultrasound equipment in their practices, even more sonographers will be needed. Those who want into the field can get started in about a year with a certificate program.

Texas just after California, being the second-largest state in the country has a wide array of opportunities for professionals of almost all the fields. There are a large number of jobs available and Texas has a low unemployment percentage (5% in March 2017), which is a factor why more and more people are attracted to it. Above is a list along with websites where you can find more comprehensive information ultrasound technician schools in Texas. Different schools offer different courses and you should take your time to find the most appropriate one as per your interest.

A career in ultrasound technology is promising and you can earn a handsome amount of money with the right qualification and choice of school.

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